How to enter the Chico Concours

We’ve tried to make the Chico Concours d’Elegance vehicle entry process as simple as possible. In a nutshell: Read the waiver, review the classes, download and complete the form, then mail it to us with the appropriate fee.

// Enter by mail

After many years, regular postal mail still seems to be the most efficient — and least confusing — of the many entry channels. If you need help, just contact us.

Entry form

Download: Chico Concours Entry Form 2023 (1.2 MB PDF) (coming soon)

Entry instructions

  1. Read the Waiver and Release of Liability.
  2. Review the Classes and Special Awards (see below).
  3. Download, open and print the official Entry Form (see above).
  4. Form includes an Entry Application and complete Class Descriptions.
  5. Complete the form, sign, and mail it to us with your entry fees (see below).

Entry fees

  • $40
  • Entry deadline: October 14, 2023.
  • Please make checks payable to: Chico Concours d’Elegance
  • If you’d like to enter more than one car, please complete a form for each entry.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of each entry form for your records.

Club entries

Are you a member of a car club that would like to enter several club vehicles? If so, we offer a reduced rate on our per vehicle entry fee. There is a six (6) car minimum. Please contact us for more details.

Where to enter

Entry forms and fees should be mailed to:

Chico Concours d’Elegance
P.O. Box 822
Durham, CA 95938


  • Cars will be judged on general appearance, care and presentation.
  • A photo of your vehicle would be appreciated (not required) to assist in classification. Pictures will not be returned.
  • No non-marque vehicle newer than 2007 will be judged. Newer cars may be entered for exhibit only.
  • Any entrant may elect to have his car judged or entered for exhibit only. In either case, the car will be placed within its appropriate class.
  • Participants sending applications for “Exhibit Only” may not change their status to “Judged” on the day of the show.
  • The display of “For Sale” or other commercial signs is prohibited except in designated areas.


Scores are available by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Chief Judge
Chico Concours d’Elegance
P.O. Box 822
Durham, CA 95938

Hot rods and classics

The Chico Concours field is typically very diverse. From funky 1950s hot rods to elegant marques of the world’s greatest auto manufacturers, and everything in between. Some of our board members have served since the very first event, and do so for the love of automobiles — To share that experience with the public and raise funds for local charities.

// Classes and special awards

Below are the Class Awards and Special Awards for 2023. These are always subject to change without notice, depending on entry demand. If you’re not sure about which class to choose, just contact us.

Class Awards

  1. Class A — Open / Closed: To 1927
  2. Class B — Open / Closed: 1928–1934
  3. Class C — Open / Closed: 1935–1943
  4. Class CC — Cars & Coffee
  5. Class D — Race Cars*
  6. Class E1 — Street Rod: To 1948*
  7. Class E2 — Street Rod: 1949–1954*
  8. Class E3 — Street Rod: 1955–1963*
  9. Class F1 — Street Machine: 1964–1972*
  10. Class F2 — Street Machine: 1973–2005*
  11. Class G — Foreign Sports Cars: To 1962
  12. Class H — Foreign Sports Cars: 1963–1970
  13. Class I — Foreign Sports Cars: 1971–2005
  14. Class J — Foreign Passenger & Touring: 1944–1959
  15. Class K — Foreign Passenger & Touring: 1960–1974
  16. Class L — Foreign Passenger & Touring: 1975–2005
  17. Class M — Exotics
  18. Class N — Foreign: Modified*
  19. Class O — U.S. Manufacturer: 1944–1954
  20. Class P — U.S. Manufacturer: 1955–1965
  21. Class P — U.S. Manufacturer: 1955–1965: Modified*
  22. Class Q — U.S. Manufacturer: 1966–1975
  23. Class R — U.S. Manufacturer: 1976–2005
  24. Class S — Muscle Car: 1961–1969**
  25. Class T — Muscle Car: 1970–1976**
  26. Class U1 — Corvette: 1953–1967
  27. Class U2 — Corvette: 1968–1982
  28. Class U3 — Corvette: 1984–2005
  29. Class W — Replica / Prototype
  30. Class X1 — Motorcycle: Stock
  31. Class X2 — Motorcycle: Modified*
  32. Class Y1 — Commercial Vehicle: Stock
  33. Class Y2 — Commercial Vehicle: Modified*

* Judged using non-SCCA guidelines.
** Open only to V-8 cars.

Special Awards

  1. Best of Show Award
  2. People’s Choice Award
  3. Delbert Pantel Award
  4. Directors Award


  • Classes may be altered at the discretion of the Chico Concours d’Elegance board of directors.
  • Vehicles for sale will be exhibited in one area only. Participant provides own signs and regular entry fee applies. Display of sale or commercial signs outside the designated area is prohibited.