A car show
for everyone.

Saturday 21 October 2023
Chico, California


Celebrating 70 years of Corvette

Founded in 1979, the Chico Concours is the North State’s premier annual car show. It features a full day of music, friendship, entertainment, and gorgeous cars in the park-like atmosphere of Butte Creek Country Club. We hope to see you there.

Founded 1979


Held annually since 1979, the Chico Concours features a full day of friendship, fun, and gorgeous cars in the park-like setting of Butte Creek Country Club. We hope that you decide to attend as either a participant or spectator.


We’ve tried to make the Chico Concours vehicle entry process as simple as possible. In a nutshell, just read the waiver, review the classes, download, print and complete the form, then mail to us with the correct fee.


As always, we thank our wonderful sponsors for their generous support, without which this event would not be possible. If you’d like to join this elite group of contributors, we have lots of opportunities available.

Common questions

The 2023 Chico Concours will be held Saturday, October 21, 10 AM – 4 PM, at the Butte Creek Country Club in Chico, California. Event details

Admission to the event is free. The cost to display a car is $40 per entry. We have a special rate for car clubs with multiple entries. Entry details

Yes. Butte Creek Country Club typically provides a tasty and affordable luncheon with casual food and refreshments.

It’s never rained on the day of the Chico Concours, but anything’s possible. Rain would cause a postponement or cancellation of the event. In such a case, your vehicle entry fee would be refunded.

Certainly. All cars in suitable condition are welcome, including modified cars and hotrods. Even motorcycles.

No problem. Visit our comprehensive FAQ page, or feel free to contact us.

Not your average car show

A lot of car shows can be stuffy or boring. Rows of similar cars, interrupted only occasionally by something interesting. For each Chico Concours, we take great care to fill our field with a collection of cars that includes everything from vintage Fords and Chevys, to modern Ferraris and Aston Martins. You won’t be disappointed.

45 years of car art

Since the first Chico Concours in 1979, we have never failed to create a poster celebrating the event. All designed and produced by some of the finest artists in the North State. Here they are — presented in order — from 1979 to 2022.